Our healthy, happy, customers share their|stories with you.

— The Healthy Home Girls on Oily Lou {Amy Martin & Hannah Hogberg}

“Oily Lou has the best all natural toxic free products. The OilyLou roll on gives me the energy I need before and during games to perform at my best. The SleepyLou roll on helps me get a good nights sleep after games and during stressful nights. Thanks Oily Lou!”

-Danny Kristo, St. Louis Blues

— Ann Ablan on the “Oily Lou Bug Spray”

— Abbie Overman (via Facebook Messenger) on the XOXOLou roll on

“I absolutely adore my Oily Lou roll on! This has made such an impact on my daily routine. Not only does it improve my level of endurance before I dive into my daily fitness regimen, it helps me to wake up in the morning, heightens my alertness prior to going into work for the day, & makes me smell great too! I have had compliments on my “perfume” – & I have to laugh because these roll ons are so much more then that! I never went all in with oils & bought a diffuser, but these roll ons are like having your cake & eating it too! Without the really high price tag. I really enjoy the benefits these oils have on my mind, body, & spirit. Stress be gone! Thank you Oily Lou! ?” 


— Emily Fahlsing, Fashion Blogger on the Oily Lou roll ons

“Puts me right to sleep and keeps me sleeping through the night! I also felt a sickness coming on, but as soon as I used this for a night or two, it prevented it from happening immediately!” 
— Meredith Hall